The technology dedicated to professional networks

ThereSheGoes offers two connected tools
allowing networks to better manage their community
and members
in order to fully benefit from the potential of these networks.


A mobile application

Discover the different groups created within your company

A dashboard

Each network manager has its own dashboard.


There are more and more networks scattered and lost
on search engines and social networks.

They use different and disconnected platforms to manage
their community and communicate with their members.

Managing your community is therefore long and tedious.
Following the news of its groups is just as long and complicates
for its members.

ThereSheGoes merges all the necessary tools
to facilitate management and communication
between all those involved.

Gather internal initiatives

Find all internal groups easily.

Merge management tools

Manage your community and create your events in a few clicks thanks to the management tools included.

Merge tools of payment

Manage your network’s cash quickly and easily with included payment and cash tracking tools.


Track engagement
of your members
and quickly adapt to their expectations.

Into practice : APHREA

We are using this technology for female professional networks with the APHREA platform.

Thanks to ThereSheGoes technology, APHERA becomes the first platform dedicated to female professional networks.

Aphrea uses ThereSheGoes technology to bring women's networks together and make them easier to manage.

A mobile application for users

      – Find the networks that match your goals.
      – Take advantage of the full potential of these networks
         by staying connected with others 
members at any time.
      – Stay informed of the news of your networks.

A dashboard for network managers

      – Communicate directly with your community without
         depending on emails and social networks.
      – Follow your registrations in a few clicks.
      – Manage your cash easily.

Given our commitments and our impact, we collaborate with the French government.

We collaborate with the Regional Direction for Women’s Rights and Equality (DRDFE)
in the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region.

     – Making ThereSheGoes technology available
        to networks of women entrepreneurs in the region.

    – Development of impact measurements needed
       to improve the collaboration between private,
       public organizations and the DRDFE.

Results : 

On March 8th, 2021, Claire Passy, CEO of ThereSheGoes, received the #1000 possible award from:

    – Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate in charge of
       Equality between Women and Men, Diversity
       and Equal Opportunities.

   – Jean Castex, Prime Minister, 

A renowned engagement.

Integrating impact measurements because mixing technological and social innovation, this portal will also allow us to better assess the public policy deployed on female entrepreneurship in BFC.

Innovative and original application by its versatility, it takes on its full meaning during the current period when social relations are undermined: it represents a tremendous lever allowing women to stay connected and networked.

Driven by the determination of its teams,
the DRDFE is supporting Claire Passy
(CEO Aphrea) in its launch and we are delighted to be able to continue this process in order to develop a community and networking of the ecosystem of women’s entrepreneurship.

Laurence Guillet & Caroline Terrand, Regional Directorate for Women’s Rights and Equality in Bourgogne Franche-Comté

“Claire Passy (CEO Aphrea) is one of those brilliant, determined and committed
young women.
You have decided to join the economy and the human to ensure that
our society is fairer.”

Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate in charge of Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities. (08/03/21)

“All the ingredients are there for you to be a worthy of emulation”

Jean Castex, Prime Minister (08/03/21)