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ThereSheGoes brings together professional women networks to enhance their potential.

A free mobile app where you can find any women community, attend their events and connect

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ThereSheGoes is collaborating with SoWeFund to start a crowdfunding campaign.

If you want to be part of a start-up using technology for the benefit of equality, this is your chance!

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Women Networks

Bringing together every women network all over the world

Meet offline

Find like-minded women and any event close to you at anytime, anywhere

Take the lead

Create a group or an event & be part of the movement

Online payment system

Manage your transactions safely and easily in just one click

Because offline & online connections with like-minded people are the most efficient ones,
the goal of ThereSheGoes is to facilitate them.


A free mobile app

Find any professional women network wherever you are:

  • Connect with them and their community
  • Attend events that meet your expectations
  • Network with business women offline
  • Speed up your career to break the glass ceiling

Attend professional events

Find and join events organized by women networks and other users wherever you are.

Do you have a professional women network?

Access a dashboard connected to the mobile app to easily manage your community.

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“As a woman who travels regularly for work and often finds herself alone with little options in terms of things to do, I believe ThereSheGoes provides me with a way to easily find alternative options which suit my interests and make me feel safe.”

Giorgiana Nuti

“We loved Claire and her innovative business idea the minute we met her. As fellow entrepreneurs in the women space partnering with "ThereSheGoes" was a really natural collaboration for us. All our Eva Events and Masterclasses will be visible on ThereSheGoes app and we look forward to a long successful partnership.”

Katie Howard Cross

“This is what I am hoping to generate, create and experience with ThereSheGoes: safe, fun, fulfilling and nourishing encounters that spark the desire to live life to the fullest. I’m very excited about moving on with ThereSheGoes!”

Geneviève Chassé

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ThereSheGoes is a safe platform with values. We don’t sell the data and we don’t put any annoying advertisement either. In other words we are awesome. So join us.